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Star Wars Mythology Themed Challenges

Myths and Monsters and Jedi, oh my!

Star Wars Mythologies
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This is a themed challenge designed to increase the amount of fanworks in the Star Wars fandom. The comm was created and is moderated by imadra_blue, with a little idea-bouncing from furiosity (who is not involved). It revolves around mythological themes, many of which the Star Wars saga itself was based on. Any sort of fanfiction/art is welcome, be it gen, slash, het, or any combination of them.

Basically, what you do is sign up for a character/pairing/theme within the Star Wars saga (Movie or Expanded Universe is fine) and respond with your own writing or artwork incorporating the mythological themes listed. Yes, you may sign up for original characters (or their themes and pairings), provided they are set within the Star Wars universe. They can be in any time period you desire (past, present, future, etc.). There are absolutely no limits as to what you may write about, as long as it is in the Star Wars universe. Which means, unfortunately, that Alternate Realities (AR), such as the infamous "characters in high school" set-up are out -- Alternate Universes (AU), where events and things changed inside the Star Wars universe to produce a different effect or story, however, are perfectly fine.

Since, according to Douglas Adams, 42 is "the Answer to the Ultimate Question of Life, the Universe and Everything", there will be 42 themes. You may write a fic or draw a piece of art for each theme. There is a minimum of 100 words for each written theme and line art for any piece of art. Fic and art may be as rough or polished as you like. Photomanipulations are allowed. You may combine up to three themes. If you do that in a fic, you are still required to produce at least a 100 words for each theme. (I.e. if you combine two themes, you must write at least a 200 word double drabble.) If you combine themes in art, you are expected to at least color your line art (though you may do that in any medium you prefer). Interpret the themes however you want -- bend them, reshape them, give them an unusual or classical spin -- it's up to you. As for what to do, write 42 drabbles, 42 epics, or 42 chapters in one fic -- make a series or several, or whatever you want -- it's free-form writing. You can do line art, colored art, photmanipulations, impressionistic work, abstract, whatever suits your fancy. Themes may be written/drawn in any order, but when you do get to Theme 42, please list which mythological theme you chose for it. It may be as broad or specific as you like, from any source (you may even revisit a previous one if you want).

The Mythological Themes
Themes presented in parentheses may be used to inspire your writing/art if the primary does not.

1. The Great Flood (Disaster)
2. The Seventh Seal (Mythological Numbers)
3. The Odyssey (Travel)
4. The Epic Battle (War)
5. The Garden of Good and Evil (Good vs. Evil)
6. Resurrection (Recovering from Injuries)
7. The Allfather (Parental Figures)
8. Theogony (Beginnings)
9. The Passion of the Christ (Suffering)
10. Cupid and Psyche (Romance)
11. Sodom and Gomorrah (Lust)
12. Descent into the Underworld (Death)
13. The Four Seasons (Weather)
14. The Three Fates (Destiny)
15. The Danger of Arrogance and Hubris (Ego)
16. The Hero's Quest (Strength)
17. The Divine Order (Religion)
18. The Apocalypse (Endings)
19. The Afterlife (Ghosts)
20. The Cosmic Order (Space)
21. Children of the Gods (Heroes and/or Villains)
22. Angels and Demons (Aliens)
23. The Midas Touch (Greed)
24. The Iliad (Rivalry)
25. The Achilles Heel (Weakness)
26. The Eye of Odin (Sacrifice)
27. The Halls of Asgard (Palace)
28. Nirvana (Spirituality)
29. The Prophet's Dream (Precognition)
30. The Divine Child (Birth)
31. The Little Gods (Forgotten)
32. The White Stag (Hunting)
33. The Eight Immortals (Archetypes)
34. The Fall From Grace (Loss)
35. Scylla and Charybdis (Decisions)
36. Chaos and Order (The Force)
37. The Golden Age (Perfection)
38. The Origin of Fire (Elements)
39. The Quest for the Holy Grail (Desire)
40. The Triple Goddess (Women)
41. Oedipus and Elektra (Forbidden)
42. Writer's Choice of Mythological Theme

The Rules

- Join the community. Watching is optional, though encouraged. You cannot post fics unless you've joined.

- Make a claim here. Follow the directions.

- Once the moderator approves you, respond with a link to a post in your journal that will link all your fics/art as you write them. (Please remember to update this as you write your fics.) A good way to do your fic listing post is to list our all the themes and link your fics/art to each of them, and include the date you updated each fic.

- Write/draw your themes at will. This is very low pressure, but I am going to ask you produce one piece of art or write one fic every two months. If you don't update after two months, you may not lose your claim, but then again, if someone else shows up asking for it, you may. Extensions can and will be made, just email me and let me know what the delay is so I can hold your claim, and about when you can post again.

- Post all the fics as you write/draw them -- yes, you can link us to your journal and crosspost wherever you want, but you HAVE to at least link us here. Put all fics/art behind an LJ-cut. If you don't know how, please check the LiveJournal FAQ. Don't tag your entries to the comm; I will do that myself. Don't disable comments, either.

- When posting fic/art, in the subject header, please put Fic (or Art or Fic/Art): "Title" (Character or Pairing; Rating; Theme #) and use this template:
Theme: (Put number and the theme, for example "16. The Hero's Quest (Strength)")
Claim: (Whatever you claimed, for example, if you claimed "Jedi", say so.)
Character(s) and/or Pairing(s):
Notes: (If any.)

- Be polite. As in, you can give concrit if you want to, but be polite. For the record, concrit is giving constructive criticism for the sole purpose of helping the author/artist. If you didn't like something, feel free to say so, it's a free internet, but don't expect anyone to care. Also, do that politely, too. Which means you can say you didn't like the fic/art or whatever was done in it, but you can't call anyone names or level any accusation. Writers/artist, if you can't respond to your comments politely, then don't.

- Plagiarism is not on. If you're borrowing ideas from another's work, credit them and make sure you have their permission.

- Read the top part of the User Info for additonal rules and clarifications. If you have any questions, ask them on this post. I'll make an FAQ if I feel one is necessary.

- Once you've finished the theme list, please comment here, and you'll receive a shiny banner made by imadra_blue (don't expect anything too fancy, I'm still a Photoshop newbie) and be put in our Hall of Fame.


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(If you want to add your community, feel free to email me (up above) or comment to imadra_blue.)

Community Disclaimer: Star Wars and all its characters are property of Lucasfilm Ltd. No money is made and no copyright infringement is intended. No Jedi were harmed in the making of these stories and art. All similarities to people and places both real and fictitious are probably intentional. May be hazardous to your health.